Om • buds man.  Swedish word meaning one that receives, investigates, reports on and helps settle complaints.

Long Term Care Ombudsman
Investigating concerns
Assisting with choices
Advocating for quality of life


Our Mission

The office of the State Long Term Care Ombudsman (LTCO) advocates for excellence in long term care services and supports wherever consumer's live.


About the Long Term Care Ombudsman

Long Term Care Ombudsman (LTCO) is part of a national network of organizations that advocate for people who use long term care services. This includes consumers receiving care in facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living (also known as residential care) and adult care homes (small group living), and their own homes.

LTCO also helps with concerns related to community-based long term care services such as home health care, home delivered and congregate meals, hospice care, transportation services, therapies, case management services, and billing issues including those related to Medicare and Medicaid.

There are no fees for any of our services. LTCO is funded and supported by:

  • Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging - distributes long term care ombudsman funds that come from the federal Older Americans Act and the Ohio Department of Aging.
  • Nursing Home Bed Fees all licensed long term care facilities pay fees each year which are then distributed to area ombudsman programs based on the number of beds in each area. The facilities in LTCO’s area have approximately 32,200 beds.
  • FoundationsLTCO has benefited from grants from several area foundations. These include the Cleveland Foundation, the Abington Foundation, the Mt. Sinai Foundation, the Stocker Foundation, and the Bruening Foundation. LTCO received a grant in 2011 from the Plain Dealer Charities Holiday Spirit program to fund additional resources needed by some HOME Choice consumers.
  • Individuals & Corporations – generous contributions help LTCO to continue to provide our critical services for the community.
What is Long Term Care?

No matter how young, healthy, or capable you are now, there’s a good chance that you will need some type of long term care in your lifetime. The odds are even higher that someone you care about will need a long term care (LTC) service.

Long term care services are not just for the elderly. LTCO serves consumers of any age, from children to the very old.  Long term care is also more than care in nursing homes. Long term care includes residential care facilities (also called assisted living) and encompasses a wide range of personal care services and other services provided in a person's home, most types of therapy, adult day services, meals in group settings or home-delivered, and transportation to these services.


Did you know that people between ages 45 and 60 are one of fastest growing populations in nursing homes? Most people that are residents in nursing homes are there for less than six months, usually for rehabilitation or short-term acute care.


While the five counties with which LTCO works contain almost 500 residential facilities, another 15,000 people in the area receive long term care outside of the facilities. In Ohio, the balance is shifting toward home and community-based care, and half of all long term care care will be provided through in-home services within the next few years.

Did you know?

·  50% of people living in long term care facilities have no family.

·  60% get no visitors.


LTCO’s vision is to be the voice for the rights of individuals needing and utilizing long term care services. We support the transformation of long term care services to incorporate the values of choice, dignity, respect, self-determination & purposeful living.

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