What is HOME Choice?  
HOME Choice assists older adults and persons with disabilities to move from long-term services and support systems to home and community-based settings. HOME Choice provides participants:  
  • Greater choice and control over the services received in their preferred setting. 
  • A HOME Choice transition coordinator to help them move back into the community. Some areas of assistance include:  
    • Locating housing
    •  Setting up a household
    • Connecting to community services  


Who is Eligible to Participate?
To participate in HOME Choice, you must:  
  • Have lived in a facility-based care setting for at least 90 days 
  • Have certain care needs 
  • and Be eligible for Medicaid 
  • Move Into Qualified Housing


Interested In Applying?

Long Term Care Ombudsman works with the Home Choice Program as Transition Coordinators. If you would like to work with one of LTCO’s very qualified Transition Coordinators please mention that you would like to select LTCO to provide your Transition Coordination services on your Home Choice application.

For more information, visit the Ohio Department of Medicaid