Our Services

If you are in need of our services, please call 1-800-365-3112 or 216-696-2719.  
Investigating Concerns

Anyone can call LTCO with concerns or complaints related to long term care services. Investigations are handled by trained and certified staff and volunteer ombudsmen and are determined by the client’s needs and interests. The investigations are confidential, and ombudsmen only speak about the concern to others with the client’s (or guardian’s) consent. Ombudsmen utilize negotiation, mediation, education, and advocacy to attempt to resolve the concern.

In 2016, LTCO handled 1,525 complaints.

Advocating for Quality of Life

http://www.ltco.org/images/Services/Ser_pic_woman.jpgLTCO Board and staff participate in many local and regional coalitions and advocacy efforts to help promote a better quality of service and quality of life for people receiving long term care services. We believe that by helping one person at a time understand and exercise his or her rights, all people in long term care will benefit. LTCO ombudsman work closely with long term care providers to inform, educate, and encourage the delivery of high quality care that meets their consumer’s needs and wishes. Get more information about advocacy efforts.

In 2016, LTCO committed over 3,280 hours to advocacy efforts.

Assisting With Choices

We educate people about long term care services by matching their preferences, care needs and financial resources with long term care facilities and/or community-based services. LTCO uses all public sources for long term care information and only the ombudsman offices have access to complaints that have been verified by the ombudsman program. 

In 2016, LTCO helped over 1,100 consumers, their families and friends with long term care selection assistance and information.